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Welcome everyone to the new year! I hope you’re well. I’m pleased to announce that submissions for the collective are open from Jan 1 - Feb 28th 2022

Ontenterhook is not a host, a publisher, or an advertiser. It’s a cross promotion web ring with more steps and a central hub, each member posts a link to the hub from their webcomic either with the badge or slightly more complicated banner code. It gives you the opportunity to be part of a curated collection of thriller comics to read online.

A volunteer thing with a staff of: me, at present. No profits are made from this endeavor. I just want people to read Comics. This is a hobby operation and submitted Comics are all personally read through. Due to the nature of the hobby operation thing, things are updated as I’m available to do so.

Submission requirements:

Have 25 pages live as of your submission(or around 60-75 panels worth for vertical scrolling works)

Update at least twice a month updates--unless you are submitting a completed work which the page limit qualifier does not apply.

Maintain a certain level of polish and skill throughout your work

Have strong thriller threads in the narrative of the work itself, other genre details aren't as important as that key of suspense & thrill.

This is the thrillerish webcomic collective after all


email to

subject line: Ontenterhook submission

In your submission I need:

author name/handle for the website:

the name of your comic:

The pitch, a short back cover style pitch/summary for the comic you are submitting: sell it

age raging: E - M

the 'roast' or tone rating: Light roast - Dark roast

content warnings applicable to your work: violence etc.

the hook summary, a short description about your comic: John Helmer was a normal duck until…

And we'll look at the rest from there, but this will get the ball rolling again. Thanks everyone for your interest and continued patience in this endeavor! I know it's been a stop-start journey since this thing sputtered into being last June.

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