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what the what? what is this anyway?
so, comics?

Webcomics to be precise. This is a non-exclusive collective for thrillerish narrative driven stories that are hosted online. We're here to promote one another in and create a community for those works that leave you on tenterhooks.


This isn't a publisher, advertiser, or hosts it exists for mutual cross promotion purposes for comics that keep you on the edge of your seat. It's a 'web ring' with more steps, and gives members the opportunity to be apart of a curated collection of thrillerish webcomics online. Stories of betrayal? Toy Conspiracy? Cosmic Horror? Back to school shopping? Creating an emergency coven?

We aim to cater to the works that sip on thrills like coffee. That's why the roast rating exists.

what about the name?

The name is from the old saying 'to be on tenterhooks' originated from this method of controlled drying, used to mean being in a state of uneasiness, anxiety, or suspense. from the BBC

For other questions/comments/etc. reach out to admin spelledeg