2022 submissions open until Feb 28th


Are you interested in joining ONTENTERHOOK? Cool!

Nobody here is professional, this just just a bunch of webcomic creators with a knack for suspense pooling together for mutual benefit.

There's a range of tonality and subgenres, from absolute horror to suspenseful, comical retellings of existing classics.

I hope you'll find something to tickle your fancy!

you wanna join?

Shoot us an email and we'll talk. The general qualifiers for joining are:

  • Have a thriller comic/a comic in one of the overlapping subgenres that the thriller genre tends to occupy.

  • Update twice a month or more

  • Have at least 25 pages up(or the equivalent for vertical strips)

  • Include our navigation jumpring in your site code near/above your comment section. For webtoons and tapas users, include the ONTENTERHOOK collective logo at the end of your episodes and link to the site in your artist comments. Not on a blog.

  • Maintain a certain degree of polish and quality with your webcomic.

  • Be willing to communicate as hiatus and other variables come up in life.

email us

Thanks for submitting!