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What ONTENTERHOOK: Thrillerish Webcomic Collective wants in a submission


Thriller & thriller adjacent works.** What is a thriller?

Work that updates at least 2 pages a month*

Works of 25 pages(or at least 80 panels) or more at the time of submission

Completed webcomics that are thriller & thriller adjacent

Works of a certain level of polish and consistency

Narrative/story focused work

*comics that update chapter by chapter are a different rule. It depends on the size of the chapters.

**thriller adjacent works being any of the overlapping sub-genres that suspense work often occupies, and even some surprising combinations like superhero and suspense.

What ONTENTERHOOK doesn't want

Works that do not maintain a high enough tension or have enough thriller elements to be considered suspenseful

Works that update inconsistently

Anthology style short story collection comics, even if they are spooky and being updated regularly

Gag-a-day self contained strips that are not story-centric


Does my work have to be a specific style?

No, ONTENTERHOOK is not looking for a specific style niche, so long as it's thriller it will be considered.

Can I submit multiple comics?

Yes, one submission form per comic.

Will this advertise my comic?

Not directly. ONTENTERHOOK is not an advertiser or a publisher. This is a co-op and informal collective of thriller webcomic artists pooling together for mutual benefit. This is a curated collection/collective.

Can I be in ONTENTERHOOK and _____?

Yes, so long as it doesn't violate any contract(s) you have existing with other groups you're in. ONTENTERHOOK is not exclusive. Hiveworks is an exclusive webcomic collective and publisher, ONTENTERHOOK is not.

How old do I have to be to submit my comic here?

18 or older

Do I have to host my own comic site to submit here?

No. ONTENTERHOOK is very lenient about hosting, feel free to host anywhere online, as long as it can be linked to this hub it's an option.

Can my work have nudity/erotic situations/etc.?

If the work is first and foremost a thriller or suspense work, yes.

My work didn't get accepted! Now what?

Don't fret. There will be more submission periods, and feedback will be given to people whose submissions were declined with reason as to why the work wasn't considered a good fit.

What if I want to leave the collective for whatever reason?

You're free to! This isn't the mob.

My work isn't horror but I really want to submit my comic, what do I do?

This is for thriller, not horror. They often overlap but they are not the same thing. Check out the collection on the comics page, this collective has a very diverse repertoire of comics!

Is ONTENTERHOOK for profit?

No this is a volunteer collective, no one is making money.

Have a question that isn't in the FAQ? Kindly email us!

Thanks for submitting!

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