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The Ace of the Spades & Kordinar 25000 get hooked + V2 Comic List

Welcome to the newest comic of Ontenterhook: The Ace of the Spades! By Mira Kira and J. "Mack" Haim.

Coming in with the Med Roast section. This drama will keep you turning pages for more. Be sure to check it out!

We also welcome Kordinar 25000! By Kari-Sue Kraus. This comic sits nicely in Med-Dark Roast with sci-fi horror beats and a gritty style to reach for! Get reading!

The Ace of the Spades volume 1 cover
Kordinar 25000 #1 cover

V2 Comic list

More work has been done on site, V2 of the comic listing page is up and running. Somehow that broke the mobile version though. Thank you everyone for your patience, this site is a regular work in progress. I have a list of features that I've been trying to figure out how to implement, but here are some things you can look forward to: genre selection, better mobile optimizing, more comics to read, streamlined application page

The first official announcements about Ontenterhook existing on twitter went up a few days ago now and it's super exciting! I hope this collective helps people find more good stories to read. I'm so happy this is happening. :D

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